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Locus Real Estate Advisors, Inc. opened its doors for business on January 1, 2008. Locus is the Latin root for location and in biotechnology it refers to a position a given gene occupies on a chromosome. This connection to locating properties and the biotech industry has a direct correlation to the commercial brokerage situation in the Golden Crescent. From David Murdock’s multi-billion dollar bio-tech research campus to the growing motorsports industry, this area is bursting at the seams with commercial development.

Locus was created by owners Zac Moretz and Ed McAfee to take up some of the shortfall of commercial real estate brokerage in the area. Their focus is not to charge into the commercial market to compete, but instead to complement and cooperate with existing brokers and firms.

Zac Moretz, 39, is a well-known commercial real estate attorney in downtown Concord (Moretz & Skufca Law Firm) who also holds a commercial broker’s license and is the designated broker in charge for Locus. Zac currently works with developers, real estate investors and clients in the motorsports industry and has experience on a variety of real estate transactions.

Zac lives in a historic home in downtown Concord with his wife Jennifer and 4 children. He is an active Rotarian and is involved with the revitalization of downtown Concord.

Ed McAfee, 41, an entrepreneur who has developed, owned operated and sold many small businesses and real estate, the most recent being the Auto Spa full service car wash he built in 2003 and recently sold to a Florida company that owns numerous car wash facilities. Ed previously owned a site work estimating and surveying business which led him into a role as developer of Natures Bend subdivision in Greenville, North Carolina. Ed also has experience in forestry and wildlife management (his college major) and he built many nature centers throughout his home state of Georgia.

Ed lives just blocks from the NC Research Campus in downtown Kannapolis with his wife Patra and their three boys. He is active with the First Baptist Church on Main Street in Kannapolis and participates in many civic activities throughout Cabarrus County.

Locus offers a whole gamut of real estate services while concentrating on commercial, retail and investment properties. We focus on the relationship, not the property; therefore, we can offer services to fit all of your brokerage needs in one house. Ed & Zac are members of the Charlotte Region Commercial Board of Realtors, the North Carolina Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.

Locus Real Estate’s approach to real estate brokerage comes from an investor mindset, optimizing profits and successfully closing transactions. Our commitment to the client is outlined initially and the client stays informed throughout the entire transaction. Any firm can put a sign on your property, but Locus concentrates on the service we provide our clients, and that is what sets us apart from the typical commercial broker. We do not want to broker just one property for you; we want to build a relationship built on trust and performance that will service all of your real estate needs.

Locus is also concerned with enhancing the communities within the Golden Crescent. It is important that we bring good viable businesses and industry here that will provide better jobs for the residents of this area. We promote smart growth of this area by focusing on aesthetic and economic enhancement of properties.

Commercial Real Estate transactions are successfully completed through the relationships made by the broker. Locus invites you to contact us so that we can include you in our data base of real estate investors and we will notify you of hot properties and real estate deals.

At Locus, our main objective is to cultivate a full service real estate relationship with our clients. We approach real estate as an investment and strive to optimize the greatest return for our clients.

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Concord, NC 28027
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